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Publicada el: 23/02/2015

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism is working on the creation of a new Regulation about firefighting Installations which will substitute the current RD 1942/1993. They consider that the development of the technical flow as well as of the legal conditions, make it essential to have the requeriments established in the above mentioned regulation, updated and looked over.

It is expected that with the new Regulation, the Ministry will prepare a nonbinding "Technical Guide", for the practical application of the provisions of the regulation and of its technical schedule, that will establish clarifications regarding general concepts.

Charts I and II are updated with new maintenances and a third chart is added (Chart III) with specific inspections with an annual and five-years maintenace program for luminescent signaling systems (to be performed by skilled technicians of the manufacturer or installations company of the equipment or system, or by the maintenace company personnel).

The already installed systems will have to keep up with the new maintenances demanded in this regulation, withing a maximun period of one year after its coming into effect.

One of the most important devolopments of the Regulation will be to subject the installation to a technical inspection (with certain exceptions for small buildings) after 10 years of its commissioning. For already existing installations which are more than 10 years old, a period of one year is given to perform the first inspection.

In Tesein, we have the necessary means and also a highly trained staff who is very knowledgeable about the latest regulations concerning firefighting. If you are looking for a firefighting company to maintain your security equipments, do not hesitate to contact us through the “contact” section or by telephone, +34 981600012. We are at your entire disposal.

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